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One stop solution for your component & system requirements
Aluminium profile systems, Accessories, Linear Unit, Tube connecting systems, Lifting columns and electric cylinders
Operating elements, Clamping Knobs, Clamping Levers, Industrial Handles, Control Knobs, Rotary Controls, Indexing Elements, Machine Elements, Technical Components, Accessories for Hydraulic systems, Toggle Clamps
Electronic Assess Solutions, Latches, Cam Locks, Multi-Point Latches, Quarter- Turn Fasteners & Fast Lead Screws, Quick- Release Pins & captive Screws
Aluminium, Polyester, ABS IP65 Electrical Enclosure & Electronic Enclosure

Under the guidance of our Directors Mr. Raval, we have been delivering the best Electrical and Mechanical Products to Manufacturers, Industrial Houses, and Corporates over the last 30 years. We serve clients with the best industrial products. Due to our expertise in the field of Industrial, Electrical, and Mechanical Equipments, our clients have been able to deliever the best quality standard products over a span of 29 years.

We believe in client satisfication. Through out the years, we have served clients according to their requirements and needs.

We have been catering our clients with a range of quality products from the best manufactures such as Phoenix Mecano (India) Ltd., Harting (India) Pvt. Ltd., Elesa and Ganter (I) Pvt. Ltd., and many more companies whose products are the gold standard in Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Products.


We deliever the following products:
Rose & Bopla Enclosure systems covering over 16,000 different items such as Standard IP 65 Industrial Enclosure in Aluminium, Polyester, Polycarbonate & ABS suitable for Push Button Stations , Junction Boxes. Display & Operating Enclosures.
Electronic Enclosures suitable for various types of Instruments.
IP 68 Cable Glands in Polyamide & Brass in PG or Metric thread.
RK Rose + Krieger serves Blocan Aluminium Profile assembly systems suitable for Machine Structure
Machine Frames
Machine Guard & Partitioning and other products manufactured by Phoenix Mecano (India) Ltd. (subsidiary of Phoenix Mecano Group, Switzerland).
Electricals Connector,
Ethernet Switches,
Fiber Optic Cable & System Cable & Media Converter manufactured by Harting (India) Pvt. Ltd.

We are dealers of Elesa and Ganter (I) Pvt. Ltd. for Standard Machine Elements.
Patankar Industries of Pune which specializes in Standard Machine Lamps such as Tier Lamp, Arm Light , CNC Lamp, Spot Light.

We are also proud to be associated with Southco (India) Pvt. Ltd. (a US Based company) which caters the following products:

Panel/Door Latches & Locks
Electronics Access Solutions
Quick Access Fasteners
Captive Screws
Hinges / Position Control
Inject / Eject Mechanisms
Inserts and standoffs
Marine Deck Hardware

These are some of the few companies we are proud to be associated with.
We have been supplying products to major Industrial Cities of GUJARAT and INDIA.

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